Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, Lalena Stirr is the face of Dutch Hill Preserves Co. Along with her husband Mike and children; Logan, Gabe and Xander they continue to bring small batched jams and maple syrup to a growing customer segment looking for local all natural products. They grow over 75% of the fruit and vegetables used in their products themselves and pick fresh another 20% at local farms. This provides you the assurance you are receiving the freshest flavor from all fruits and berries that are picked in season at peak ripeness. By producing small batches at a time we utilize the natural sugars in the fruit. This is the type of jam your grandmother used to make the old fashioned way – all natural and naturally sweet! Dutch Hill Preserves Co uses recipes handed down for generations. Favorites such as strawberry, grape and blueberry may be the most requested but old fashioned varieties such as currant, elderberry, gooseberry and violet are bringing back lots of memories for many people. As first generation sugar makers, spring brings the maple sap run and Dutch Hill Preserves bottles more and more syrup every year to meet the increasing demand. Our syrup is a blend of both Sugar Maple (Acer sac arum) and Red Maple (Acer rub rum) sap. The sap is collected and boiled down over a wood-fired evaporator. The distinct flavor is one you’ll surely come back for.

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