2018 Maple Open House Mar 10/11
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Half Pint 8oz plastic bottle
Half Pint 8oz plastic bottle

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Annual Open House March 10&11 10am to 3pm FREE to the public!! Located in Canadensis,Pa we are a little more than your traditional tap and bucket operation . We maintain a process that utilizes modern technology in an old fashioned ritual. Our woods have over 8 miles of tubing that connect each tree and collect sap in a closed system before dumping into a single collection tank. The tubing is charged with vacuum to help maximize sap collection. Next the sap is concentrated using a reverse osmosis machine where 75% of the water is removed before the sap is boiled to make syrup. We do use a wood fired evaporator and the smell of sweet maple sap cooking fills the sugarhouse when in use. Open House March 10 & 11 10am-3pm



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